Meet Miguel Cura

Meet Miguel Cura

A little note about me:

I love to draw cartoons.  It’s safe to say it’s a passion of mine.

When I was a kid, I drew rocket ships in the margins of textbooks.  I drew ray guns on math tests.  Art Class was my favorite.

Sure, I watched cartoons.  Discovering that they played all Saturday morning, every week, was like discovering breathing!  And like other kids, I copied them on endless sheets of loose leaf and leftover typing paper.  Only, I never really stopped.

I’m a graduate of Sheridan College’s Classical Animation program.  I’ve worked in Toronto’s animation industry for over ten years, on shows like Monster by Mistake, Rolie Polie Olie, The Backyardigans, Handy Manny, and My Friend Rabbit.

I was practically born with a pencil in my hand, and I’m never going to stop.

Drawing cartoons is my passion.  It’s my purpose.

Now, it’s your turn to learn.