There is no such thing as “The Perfect Drawing,” so relax.

What you  really want is to create a great base set of skills that you can build on to create solid and appealing drawings you can be proud of.

Here’s how this works:

Meet Dean.dean_point_left

Dean is going to be your guide to learning how to draw  great cartoons.  He will introduce you to concepts like:

  • Using simple shapes to construct a figure.
  • The 3 Basic Body Types.
  • How to communicate with Dynamic Posing.
  • How to draw Clothing and Wrinkles
  • And MUCH more!

More good news!  You don’t need a fancy computer to do any of this.

It’s TRUE!

While I, like most professionals, use a computer and software like Alias Sketchbook and Photoshop to demonstrate these skills to you, it’s not necessary for you to have any fancy equipment or supplies whatsoever. everything that I’ll be showing you can be done with just a simple HB (or #2) pencil and a stack of printer paper and a good eraser.

I’ll show you techniques and exercises that are simple, easy to follow, and that will provide you with the knowledge you need to develop and improve your skills.

Better yet – you’ll be having fun at the same time.

One more very important item that you simply must include for each drawing….

Enjoy yourself!

Drawing is fun, even when it’s hard work, and both the process and the results are something you will enjoy long after each sketch or  design is completed.

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Want to know more about how to draw great cartoons?

Sure you do.
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